How do I set my directory index?

This tool allows you to set your own index pages instead of those specified in the default settings. In other words, you can tell your visitors' browsers which page to load as they hit your domain. Usually, it's /index.html by default, but you can set any other custom welcome page.

Example: If a visitor goes to your site, the first page to open will be However, if you set /welcome.html as the directory index, the page to open will be

Warning: your custom index pages won't add to the defaults; they will replace them. Therefore, make sure to enter the full list of indexes you would like to have in your configuration.

To set your custom directory indexes

  • Go to Domain Setting > Web Options for the domain you need.
  • Scroll down to find the Directory Indexes option and click to enable it. Agree with the charges if any.
  • In the box that appears, enter the names for files that will be treated as indexes. Put file names in the descending order of priority and separate them with spaces (for example, index.html cgi.bin about.html).


  • Skip this step if you are using a Windows-based plan. At the top of the Web Service page, click the Apply link for the Server configuration to change. The changes will take effect within 15 minutes.
  • To edit the list you have made, click the Edit icon next to the Directory Indexes option: with spaces (index.html cgi.bin about.html).


If you are using a Unix-based plan, click the Apply link at the top of the Web Service page.