How do I use FTP on my account?

Your Welcome Letter provides you with FTP access to their home directory. To establish an FTP connection, you will need the following pieces of information: FTP login, FTP password, and FTP host name.

To find this information, select FTP User link in FTP/User Account menu.

FTP Management

  • Login is the login to be used to enter a user directory via FTP. It is automatically generated on the basis of the account name. Note: instead of using an FTP client, you may choose here the built-in Web-based file manager WebShell by clicking the File Manager (HtProtect) link.
  • Password is by default the password associated with your username. If necessary, you can change and hence make it different from you control panel password.
  • Host Name is a web server domain name to be used to access files via FTP.

FTP Sub-Accounts

The simplest way to authorize your friends or colleagues to work with particular directories of your account is to create FTP subaccounts. An FTP subaccount is a combination of a username and a password, which gives full FTP permissions to a single directory, without giving access to the root directory, other directories or the control panel. No dedicated IP is required for FTP subaccounts. Although each FTP subaccount has a login which is different from yours, both have the same ID in the system.

To create a new FTP subaccount:

  1. Select FTP User link in FTP/User Account menu.
  2. At the bottom of the page that shows, find FTP sub-accounts and click the Add icon.
  3. On the next page, enter the FTP login and password that will be used by this other user, and the directory this user will be restricted to. The directory must be relative to your home directory. If you leave the directory field empty, FTP sub-users will have access to your whole home directory.

FTP subaccount traffic is a part of the Total/Summary traffic, but you can always see how much FTP traffic has been run up by an individual FTP subaccount by going to the FTP Manager page and clicking the Edit icon next to the subaccount login.