How do I cancel my account?

If canceling within the first 30 days of opening your account, you can proceed to request your money back directly via the control panel. Click on Money Back. This will cancel your account and refund your first month fee.

If canceling an account after 30 days of sign-up, we require a message from you in writing.

Please contact our billing department and include the following items:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Authentication information
  3. Effective date of cancellation

The Authentication Information can be either:

  1. Your username and password to your account, or
  2. the last 4 digits of the active credit card in your billing profile.

You will receive a ticket as evidence of your request for cancellation.

We do not prorate unused portions of previous payments or issue refunds for accounts that have passed 30 days of use.

If you cancel after a yearly or bi-yearly renewal, we will only issue a credit if you cancel within 15 days of the renewal date.

Please be aware that a phone call requesting cancellation is not a valid way of canceling your account. We must receive the request in writing as stated above.